A/C Type:

 Total in service: 1
 Engines: CFM56-5C4
 Max Range: (on max load) 7.100 nm
 Cruising Speed: 490 kts (910 km/h)
 Length: 63,6 m
 Wingspan: 60.30 m
 MAX Taxi Weight: 271.900 kg
 MAX Take Off Weight: 271.900 kg
 MAX Landing Weight: 190.000 kg
 MAX Zero Fuel Weight: 178.000 kg
 Dry Operating Weight: 135.239 kg Avg.
 Fuel Capacity: 111.078 kg
 MAX Payload: 45.000kg Avg.
 Configuration  404-520 seats

¤ Please note that the above information can vary between aircraft of same type.